The Team


Before joining the military in 1984 I spent my time drawing, painting, and being heavily involved in the arts. I loved oil and water color painting. I was introduced to calligraphy while in trade school in Natchez Mississippi and that sparked my love for commercial art/design. My desire was to attend The Colorado Institute of Art, but my grant was decline and in 1984 I joined the Army. I bought my first camera, a Canon AE1. I took that camera everywhere with me. Though I could not draw and paint due to living in the Army barracks, the camera became my canvas. Afterwards, Within the next three years I purchased two more Canon cameras, and split my wife's dance studio in half, and focused on being a great head shot photographer. In 2018 I moved my studio Euclid to my intentions on being “Euclid’s Premier Photographer”. Though I love all forms of photography due to my artistic background; head shots and sports is what I love most. 


Najada Davis joined Parkerfotos in 2016. He is video producer Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Word, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Public Speaking. Strong education professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Film & Media Arts from Cleveland State University.


I have know Michelle for over 15 years, and had her join my team in 2016 as Makeup Artist for Parkerfotos.


Gartrell has been shooting since 1999. For past 5 years He and I have collaborated on photoshoots through out the Cuyahoga County area. I strive to bring on photographers who are professional and knows how to work with my clients to bring out their best. I have found that in Gartrell, and I am thankful that I met him at the right time.